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Roadside Assistance Program Terms & Conditions (For 2 Wheeler)

By using the website and/or submitting your details including contact details, vehicle details and other personal details, to buy the Roadside Assistance Plan you authorise Allianz Global Assistance and its group companies to "Contact" you even if you are registered with National Do Not Call (NDNC), Do Not Disturb (DND) or Do Not Call (DNC) databases.


The "Contact" may happen over phone, SMS, email or any other medium of communication. The communication could be for the purpose of verifying your details, offering support and information on suitable products, assisting in closing a sale or sharing related information, providing you with the requested service, renewal reminders or promotional messages related to plan(s) or service(s) bought by you.


Membership Duration: As per selected plan

Coverage Area: As per selected plan


All entitlements are available after 48 hours: All benefits under roadside assistance program become available 48 hours after you have purchased the subscription. If Roadside Assistance services are requested before 48 hours of joining the membership, the services will be provided on chargeable basis.


Transfer of Membership: Roadside Assistance Membership is for the registered vehicle only and is non-transferable, in case the vehicle ownership changes the new owner can avail the Roadside Assistance services until the expiration of the membership.


Green Tax & Other Charges: In case the vehicle is being towed from one state to another or from one city to another, any local tax or toll tax, like green tax in Delhi-NCR and etc. has to borne by customer.


Un-located or Unattended Vehicle: In case of a breakdown, you must be able to provide us with the correct location of your vehicle. In correct or incomplete information may cause a delay in provision of our services. You or an authorized representative must be present with the vehicle at the agreed meeting place when we arrive. If the vehicle is not attended when we arrive, services cannot be provided.


Vehicle is off road: In case the vehicle is not on gazette, bitumen road and if there is a need to arrange special equipment (any equipment other than standard towing equipment), the charges of such equipment are not part of the roadside assistance program. The charges for arrangements of special equipment are to be borne by you directly. Please note that extraction of vehicle using special equipment might result in certain consequential damages to the vehicle. Such damages shall be your sole responsibility and we shall not be held liable for such damages. You must give a written or verbal consent before the process of extraction is initiated by us.


Repair and Labour charges: The roadside assistance program does not include the labor charges, parts replacement costs associated with repair of the vehicle.


Excessive Usage: If we consider in our reasonable opinion that you have received (and continue to request) roadside assistance benefits on an excessive number of occasions in a subscription year, we may refuse to provide further roadside assistance free of charge. We will offer an alternative service at your own expense such battery jumpstart or towing services for roadside assistance payable at the time service is requested.


Contacting the call center is mandatory: The Roadside Assistance is available only if the above mentioned numbers are contacted. In case you opt for your own vehicle assistance or towing services without informing the roadside assistance call center the cost for the same shall be borne by you.


Non-Covered Events: Roadside Assistance is established to help in event that leads to stoppage / immobilization of your vehicle. As a result, this program will not cover any of the following events that you may encounter while driving your vehicle.
Faulty fuel gauge; Speedometer not working; Air-conditioning is not working; When the passenger door(s) cannot be opened and there are no passengers in the vehicle; Boot cannot be opened; The front and/or rear demisters are not functioning; Horn is not functioning. If the horn is sounding continuously, the Assistance Services will be provided; Damaged door mirrors; When the rear view mirror is damaged but it does not obstruct the driver's vision; Damaged or faulty fuel cap but vehicle has not run out of petrol and there is enough fuel in the tank to enable the vehicle to reach the nearest authorized service station; When the sun roof cannot be opened; When the sunroof cannot be closed but weather conditions are fair and the vehicle is not exposed to any security risk; When windows cannot be opened; When windows cannot be closed but weather conditions are fair and the vehicle is not exposed to any security risk; Seat adjustor is faulty but the vehicle can be safely driven; When passenger seat belts are faulty but there are no passengers in the vehicle; Faulty security system unless the vehicle is immobilized or unless the alarm is sounding continuously; Transmission stuck in sports/winter mode; When the ABS lights are illuminated; Air bag warning lights are illuminated; Traction control lights are illuminated; Other non-safety related lights/service warnings are illuminated; When your Vehicle runs out of windscreen wiper fluid; Front windscreen wipers faulty but weather conditions are fair; Rear windscreen wiper faulty; Vehicle pick-up and drop for routine maintenance is not included.


Special Exclusions: The following scenarios are special exclusions under the Roadside Assistance Program, and therefore we will not be responsible for any assistance costs as a result of any of the following:

  1. Vehicle is involved in motor racing, rallies, speed or duration tests, practice runs or operated outside official roads
  2. Assistance is required as a result of wars, riots, uprising, mass political demonstrations, pillage, strike, use for military purposes or acts of terrorism, earthquake damage, freak weather conditions, atmospheric phenomena, nuclear transformation phenomena or radiation caused by artificial acceleration of atomic particles
  3. Breakdown is caused by deliberate damage, vandalism or participation in a criminal act or offence
  4. The immobilization is resulting from damage caused by intervention of the police or other authorities
  5. Any damage resulting from the use of the vehicle against the recommendations of the owner manual
  6. Any consequential costs and/or damage to property as a result of a breakdown

Adverse Weather: On occasion of adverse weather conditions such as floods, heavy rain, thunder / lightening or other external factors may affect our ability to provide services and it may become physically impossible to assist you until the weather improves. During such times, our main priority will be to ensure that you and your passengers are taken to a place of safety; the recovery of your vehicle may not be possible until weather conditions permit.


External Factors: We will take every effort to reach you once you make the call however the response time may vary depending on, among other things, the breakdown location of the vehicle and the general demand for roadside assistance at the time of your request is received.


Locked Keys: Whilst we will always endeavor to provide assistance by the most efficient method, modern security systems sometimes make it extremely difficult for us to gain entry to your vehicle at the roadside should the spare keys not be available. If a forced emergency entry is required, you will be asked to sign a declaration stating that you have granted permission for this to take place and confirming that all costs relating to any resulting damages to your vehicle will be your sole responsibility.


Right of Refusal: We shall have the right to refuse any or all benefits under the program, if it is found that you had furnished false information relating to your eligibility or entitlements to the benefits provided under this program.


Disputes: Courts situated within the jurisdiction of New Delhi alone shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to decide all disputes that may arise under this service.