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Allianz Roadside Assistance Services Allianz Roadside Assistance Services

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In addition to offering immediate roadside assistance service, our support extends to taking care of your worries in every possible way. We ensure that you reach your destination or have a place to stay and that your family and friends are informed of your wellbeing.

24 x 7 Customer Service 24 x 7 Customer Service
Allianz Global Assistance is one of the leading roadside assistance service providers of India and known for offering the best towing and car breakdown services in India. We ensure that our well-trained assistance team is always at your service 24 x 7, 365 days a year through a toll-free number.

Urgent Relay of message Urgent Relay of message
When you are stranded and cannot get in touch with your family or friends, our urgent message relay service helps you keep your family and friends informed in case of an accident or vehicle breakdown.

Troubleshooting on Phone Troubleshooting on Phone
When you face issues related to dashboard symbols, opening boot, etc., we help you troubleshoot with solutions over the phone.

Medical Co-ordination Medical Co-ordination
We assist you with contact numbers of medical professionals in the vicinity, in the case of a medical emergency.

Fuel Assistance Fuel Assistance
We arrange fuel for you to help you drive to the nearest fuel station in case you run out of it or are immobilized due to fuel contamination.
Free fuel provided up to a maximum of 5 litters, please refer to your plan benefits for Terms & Conditions.

Towing Assistance Vehicle Towing Service
If your vehicle gets immobilized due to electrical or mechanical failure, we offer our reliable flat-bed tow trucks to transport your vehicle to the nearest authorized workshop.

Taxi Benefit Taxi Benefit
In the case of vehicle breakdown, we don't just repair or tow your two wheeler or four wheeler; we help you reach your destination by making necessary cab arrangements (up to 50 Kms), please refer to your plan benefits for Terms & Conditions

Flat Tyre Assistance Flat Tyre Assistance
If you get stranded because of a flat tyre, we change your tyre with the spare or have the tyre repaired on-site or at the nearest garage.

Vehicle Start-Up Assistance Vehicle Start-Up Assistance
When your vehicle is immobilized due to a dead battery or any other minor problem, we provide roadside repair service to jump-start your car and get you going.

Lock Out Assistance Lock Out Assistance
In case you get locked out of your car or lose your car key, we help you get the spare key from your home or offer towing services in case a spare key is not available or outside the city limits.

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