Cancellation and Refund Policy |
Cancellation & Refund Policy

This page explains the terms & conditions and procedure applicable in case you would like to surrender/cancel your subscription package, and sets the guidelines for refund of your money.

  • Cooling Period (10 days): AGA allows you to review your subscription details and surrender the subscription plan within the cooling period of 10 days (which commences from the date of customer receiving the Email confirming the purchase of subscription), if you are not satisfied with terms and conditions and/or services offered or policy construct or any other aspect. Cooling period is the time period during which customer can surrender the subscription package and be eligible for the refund of full amount of the subscription package, provided customer has not availed any benefit or service 1 times or more, during this time period.
  • Charges applicable on Cancellation/Surrender requests made beyond the Cooling Period of 10 days, provided customer has not availed any benefit or service 1 times or more under the subscription period, as set out in below table
  • Charge (% of Subscription Amount)
    After expiry of Cooling period but before 30 days 25%
    After expiry of 30 days 100%
  • You can also request for cancellation of membership based on a specific case/incident that lead to your dissatisfaction about our service. The incident will be probed and any finding of negligence or service denial from our team will have you eligible for applying for a refund. Any such request for cancellation and refund must be made within seven (7) business days from the time of such an incident. The cancellation request must be made via an email sent out to or by a phone call to 1800 103 1958

    Customers who fail to provide the adequate details pertaining to lapses in providing the services or identifying the actual issues might not be considered for payment for refund.

    Decision of AGA pertaining to refund shall be final in all respects.