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Allianz Global Assistance commenced operations in India in 2007. Globally, the company has a presence in 50 countries with more than 400,000 service providers serving millions of beneficiaries. Helping people anytime, anywhere is the essence that drives the company and has always remained at the heart of it.

In India, while Road Side Assistance is the core business, with service available 24/7, the company also offers Travel Insurance, Travel Medical Assistance, Appliance Protection and CRM.
Allianz, besides offering services direct to consumer also customises and offers Road Side Assistance to leading automobile companies. The company assists in creating and implementing tailor-made programs to maximise customer satisfaction and loyalty. Committed to its partners, Allianz focuses on building customer relationships that continue to enhance their brand value.

Our story of helping people began more than 60 years ago and has never ceased. It all began in 1950 in Switzerland, as ELVIA Travel Insurance. In 2010 we began our brand transition from Mondial Assistance to Allianz Global Assistance. Today we are a part of the Allianz family as a true, integral part of its strategic core.

Allianz Global Assistance is headquartered in Paris and is owned by Allianz of Germany, the world's largest Property and Casualty insurer. AGA is the only major Assistance provider to enjoy a Standard and Poor AA- rating.

As the world and people's needs within the world is evolving, our ways of helping people have also transformed. Today, we reach out to millions of beneficiaries in over 50 countries.

Service Infrastructure

Allianz Global Assistance has a proven credibility in managing complex networks of high quality service providers to deliver the best services each and every time. We connect them with customers in need, wherever they are in India. We stand unparalleled with a huge fleet of Company Owned Company Operated trucks that are dedicated to get you out of the worst conditions.

  • Allianz Global Assistance Service Infrastructure
  • Service Infrastructure
Why Allianz Global Assistance?

We're the partner of choice of some of leading automotive manufacturers in India and abroad when it comes to providing roadside assistance services. As veterans in the service, we understand consumers and respond intuitively providing apt assistance, thus transforming a bad moment to a positive experience.

Key Facts:
  • Leader in Premium Road Side Automotive Assistance
  • Assisted over 5,60,000 customers since inception
  • Responding to 3.5 million calls in over 12 languages annually
  • Providing Assistance to 175,000+ customers annually
  • Employing over 500 trained employees
  • Offering Services in more than 900cities and towns across India
  • Self-owned breakdown fleet operated by trained, company employed technicians
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